Gas or no gas?

This is the question Callie and I were asked when we sat down for dinner tonight. “Water with gas, or no gas?” Callie – Brittany, I think he wants to know if you want ice in your water… I say, “No gas, merci.” He returns with a large bottle of water. We soon realize that he was trying to ask us if we wanted tap water (in a glass) or bottled water (no glass). Lesson #1 learned – No gas.

We decided we wanted pizza for dinner. Callie asks how big the pizza is and shows him different sizes with her hands. She also asks for 1 or for 2? He responds for 1. So we get 2 pizzas. He returns with 2 – 12″ pizzas. Lesson #2 learned – ask to share and if it’s not enough, order another one.

We left at 17:10 from DFW on 7/17 and were able to sleep for about 4 hours on the plane. There were empty seats available so Brittany was able to move to a different row to stretch out. We arrived at the airport around 9:30am and what could have been a short trip, turned into a 3 hour adventure. We are thankful that people here know English, or else we might still be at the airport or in Germany, who knows.

Once we arrived to Hotel de Paris, we were greeted with a warm smile and quickly made a new friend. We got settled and took a 5 hour nap. We woke up around 17:30 and walked around to get acquainted with the area.

We are thankful for the many ways that the Lord provided for us today:

1. Safe travel – we successfully made it from DFW to Paris with no jet lag.
2. Ability to communicate – Thank you to our friend Andrea, we were able to pull out our “Helpful French Phrases” book and point to different phrases. We made a lot of people laugh with our poor French speaking skills today, but it has been fun trying new phrases.
3. Helpful people – Our new friend who works at the hostel and our waiter, PJ, at Cafe de la musique.

Continue to pray for us as we share in this adventure together. Pray that the Lord would be able to speak through us in a way that we would never imagine.
Love you,
Callie and Brittany

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