Britney Spears at the Eiffel Tower

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We took the metro to the Eiffel Tower last night (July 23) and ate some true European Crepes while admiring the tower. The tower is lit with blue lights and flashes with white lights for about 10 minutes. We were in awe. Callie had a chocolate crepe and Brittany had a chocolate banana crepe and it was one of the best foods we’ve experienced. We are sure to experience disappointment if we ever order a crepe at IHOP.

While we were sitting down, a random young guy approached us. We thought he was selling something and we just shook our heads “no”, but he proceeded to sit down. It was obvious he had been drinking and maybe hadn’t showered that day as he carried a couple of scents that were not pleasant. We asked what his name was and he showed us his bracelet that said “Alban” and he asked for ours and we told him. For the rest of the conversation he referred to Brittany as “Britney Spears”. He held her hand and it was awkward. We concluded from a difficult to understand conversation that he is from Italy, works as a waiter in Paris, and is 21, but will be 22 in 60 days (he wrote this number on his hand.) We talked to him for about 30 minutes and then decided we needed to leave – he wanted to come with us. Callie said “No, you cannot come with us.” He said, “But why?” Callie said, “Because we don’t know you and you don’t know us.” He said, “Me? I am good. Come on.” We laughed and said, “Yeah…No. Aurevoir.” This was the highlight of our night.

Yesterday afternoon we went to Peugeot, one of the leaders in European car manufacturing. We were able to walk through the plant and watch the entire car making process. It was amazing to see the robots and line workers put the car together with ease and to be able to watch the process first-hand, start to finish was a memorable experience. It was a 3 hour walk around the plant and we were all very tired and hungry towards the end.

Today, July 24th, we went to the Louvre with 5 other people from our class. Our tour guide, Dominique from our 3 hour walking tour said that if you spent 1 minute on each piece of art in the Louvre that it would take you 4 months to see the whole thing. The Louvre is now the biggest museum in the world and is just amazing. We saw the Mona Lisa among many other paintings and sculptures.

We will take an overnight train to Barcelona tonight and will be there for the weekend. We are staying at BCN Loft – Backpackers Hostel and will return Monday morning. We are looking forward to a time away from our class project and can’t wait to enjoy the beach! We will post more pictures soon! Love y’all!


6 thoughts on “Britney Spears at the Eiffel Tower

  1. Ladies, Ladies, Ladies….I don’t know why yall didn’t give alban a chance! It takes alot of guts to come up to two beautiful American women! You should have at least gotten his facebook name and poked him:) haha! Can’t wait to hear about your next adventure:) Love yall!

  2. ladies the formality of this blog cracks me up- you watched robots perform with ease…you guys don’t talk like that. Haha. Oh I love y’all- and I’m excited for more pics of yalls adventure. And the beach- well britt it’s like hippie hallow- Go nude or go home! Enjoy! I love y’all

    Ps- going to look at fancy dresses tomorrow. U know the pretty white kind.

  3. HI!!!!!! so thats pretty awesome! oh aaand i uploaded our video to youtube then put it on our blog so heres the video link and also its on our blog hopefully it works



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