Back in the Saddle Again

Well, I’m happy to say that I’ve gotten back into the swing of things and just finished my first week of work as a full-time employee. I was a little nervous about the whole 40 hours a week thing, but I’ve really enjoyed it. I am not naive enough to believe that every day will be something to rave about, but it really helps to work with such a great team of people and I’m thankful for their support and encouragement.

Ali and I are having a great time as roommates! We’ve recently enjoyed walking along the golf course, collecting golf balls for our brothers-in-law and watching the olympics after work. We went to IKEA the other night to get some wall decor for my room and Ali was such a trooper; she stayed up late to help me put up every last leaf!

Ali also made one of her favorite dishes for dinner on Wednesday night – “Puttin’ on the Ritz”. This is a creamy chicken casserole with Ritz crackers on top and she said it was delicious. Dinner was ready when I got home from work and she was so excited to share it with me! She thankfully served herself first and realized soon after that she had accidentally used canned tuna instead of canned chicken… Whoops! We tried to get creative and work around the tuna, but we weren’t really getting anywhere. We ended up going out for dinner instead.

Dave, Kristen, Katelyn and I left for Austin yesterday afternoon for a weekend of pure goodness! We always look forward to the time we spend with the rest of our family in Austin and this weekend we celebrated my graduation and Katelyn’s 1 year birthday! It’s hard to believe she’s already 1, but we can’t imagine our lives without her! Instead of being in Denton with the rest of our graduating class, Callie and I were in London. Needless to say, we were not able to walk across the stage. So, when I got to Austin this weekend, my dad had a “cap” and my gown from high school graduation and his tassle from his high school graduation in 1967 and a homemade diploma – it was a one of a kind ensemble.

Enjoy some pictures from our weekend!

(Sisterly Love – Jessica, Kristen and me)

(Me with my dad’s cap and tassle and my gown from high school)

(He was standing in for the President of North Texas for the day)

(Mom and Dad – with his empty pockets)

(Katelyn clapping to thank everyone for coming to her party and for the great gifts!)

(Katelyn eating her first cupcake – she’s obviously in heaven. She loves sharing with mommy too!)

(She’s hitting herself to make sure it’s reality and not a dream)
All done!

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