I’m a Liar

Okay so I am such a liar, but I really didn’t think I was lying when I said I would post once a week. No excuses here. I’ll just fill you in on the past 2 weeks of my life. Work has been so crazy! We acquired a company in the DFW area on October 31st and on the same day, our team found out that TAC was about to have a reduction in force and we would be the ones to execute it. It sucked. It was the most stressful and worst 2 weeks of my life! When I think about HR, I think about building relationships with people and being able to serve them. Executing and delivering the news of a RIF to those being affected was not something I ever thought about. It is hard to imagine that something like this would be in the Lord’s plan and that he would be glorified in everything, but I know that he will. My prayer is that the Lord would reveal himself to everyone affected by this and that he would continue to provide for those who no longer have a job, even if they aren’t believers in him.

On a lighter note, I have recently been going over to Kristen and Dave’s on Thursday nights after my workout for dinner and an episode of The Office. It is something that I look forward to each week because we always have so much fun together! Poor Katelyn does not get to be a part of it, but before we know it her bed time will be 8:30 and she’ll be able to join us. Katelyn does, however, get to visit to me at work sometimes. Kristen and Katelyn come to visit me at work randomly and yesterday was one of those days!

Today we are having a girls night and I’m really excited about it! So me, Bonnie, Callie, Getter and Olivia will be playing tonight and it will for sure be a night to remember! I’ll keep you posted… for real!


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