David – 12/26 10:21 pm

Many of you know that I think my dad is hilarious, by far one of the funniest people I’ve ever met. A handful of you have heard the stories I tell about him as I imitate his voice and mannerisms to the best of my ability. The humor is too much to keep within my small circle of friends and family. This humor needs to be shared with many people. With that being said, I think it’s appropriate to start a new weekly posting. The weekly posting will be titled “David” until I/someone else can think of a more fitting title.
Me and my dad are sitting on the couch in the living room watching the nightly news. My mom is in the bathroom getting her face ready for bed.
Brittany: Dad, if you could have any other job in the world, not playing Sudoku all day, a legit job, what would it be?
Dad: Oh I don’t know.
Brittany: Dad, come on. Any job. Just think.
Dad: A comedian. A stand-up comedian. I would come on after the Late Late Show.
Brittany: A comedian?
Mom chimes in: You should be a chef!
Dad: Deaf?! Hell, I’m already deaf!
Mom (thinking he said chef): Yeah, but if you were a chef you could get paid for it!
Dad: What deaf person do you know who gets paid for being deaf?
Mom (realizing he did not say chef, but deaf): Oh no, you are deaf.
Brittany: Wow. I need to blog about this right now.


2 thoughts on “David – 12/26 10:21 pm

  1. That is so stinkin’ hilarious!!! Interesting that I still don’t have a comment from you on my latest blog posting…

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