I had to watch that show…

Kristen, Katelyn and I came home to Austin this weekend. My mom had a single mastectomy last Friday so we wanted to be with her and relieve our dad and other sister, Jessica, for a couple of days. Katelyn went straight to the pantry to find her potato friend – success! The house is filled with flowers and they all smell so great! My friends, Brittany, Bonnie, Callie and Andrea, had a really pretty arrangement delivered to the house. It’s actually one of my mom’s favorites, and she’s not bias.

On Friday night, one of my dad’s best friends, Glenn, brought dinner over for my mom and dad. Kristen and I opted for Pei Wei. Anyways, we were all sitting around the table, and I asked Glenn what his favorite TV show was. I can’t really remember what his answer was, but my point in asking the question was to bring up the Biggest Loser. So we started talking about it, and Glenn was not at all hooked on the idea. He thought it was fake, even after I led him to the computer and showed him the before and after photos. To that, I got very defensive for my favorite show. Then my dad told us how he started watching the show.

Dad: “I was in the doctor’s office while your mother had her MRI and the TV was on. I wanted to watch something else, but the lady behind the counter wouldn’t change it. So I had to watch that Big Fat Loser show and I kind of liked it. You know, you see these fat people doing these challenges and then they weigh in to see how much they’ve lost, it’s neat.”
Me: Dad, it’s not called the Big Fat Loser, it’s called the Biggest Loser. Like you want to be the Biggest Loser, of pounds…”
Dad: Yeah, Biggest Loser.

So our time in Austin was fun and relaxing, for the most part. My mom is healing well and got some of her bandages removed on Thursday. She still has her drains in, but will hopefully have those removed this Tuesday. I got to wash her hair in the sink this morning – who knew washing someone else’s hair could be so fun! She will go to the oncologist on February, 5th, to decide on treatment options.


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