A Mommy Update!

My mom had her first of six chemotherapy treatments on Monday, March 2rd. Everything went really well and the side effects were kept to a minimum the first couple of days. Thursday was a slight downturn – nothing sounded appetizing and she suddenly became weak and tired. She pretty much slept Thursday night into Saturday morning. Today was a better day. She was able to get out with my sister, Jessica, and my dad to shave her head! She has heard from numerous people that it is less traumatic to lose your hair all at once than it is to see it falling out each day. So she took their advice and went to the salon!

Isn’t she beautiful? I admire her strength and constant optimism, among many other qualities.
Please pray for my mom’s strength and healing. Pray that her little body would have the energy and strength to get through the day and that the Lord would continue to heal her. Please pray that she does not experience anymore side effects of chemo. Please pray that her ears, eyes and mind are opened to hear, see and understand the significance of this chapter in her life and what the Lord is trying to reveal to her. Her next treatment is on March 26th, I’ll keep you posted.

“Some trust in chariots and others in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God.” – Psalm 20:7


2 thoughts on “A Mommy Update!

  1. Great entry! I may just reference your blog in my next post to save myself some brain power!

  2. Just to let you know, I wasn’t crying in that photo where my lips and cheeks were puckered. I had my eyes closed the whole time she was shaving and then opened them at the end. This doesn’t take much shampoo. Love, MOM

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