Brittany Needs…

1. Go to
2. Including the quotation marks, type in “[YOUR NAME] needs” (in my case, it’s “Brittany needs”)
3. Take the top 10 results and post them.


  1. Brittany needs to eat a sandwich.
  2. Brittany needs her black book now.
  3. What a Brittany needs.
  4. Brittany needs her self confidence back.
  5. Brittany needs a hero.
  6. Brittany needs Africa. More than Africa needs her.
  7. Brittany needs daily brushing of the hair coat to keep it free of burrs and tangles after hunting or roughhousing.
  8. Brittany needs braces. Help me smile. I need braces, please help!
  9. Brittany needs coordination.
  10. Brittany needs to act like a mother instead of worrying about partying.

I agree with #7 and #9. God, please don’t make me get braces again. I’ll be really ticked.


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