My Worst Fear Comes True… Partially

I went home this weekend for a friend’s wedding reception. She and her husband eloped in Colorado about a month ago so we all came together to celebrate in Austin! After the reception, my sister and I went to see a late showing of I Love You, Man. It was freakin hilarious. I would pay to see it again and I would buy it on DVD. That’s how you know it’s a good movie. Side note: My parents are out of town and my sister has been staying at their house because she is watching their dog. With that being said, we got ready for bed and slept in my parents room. The A/C wasn’t on so instead of trying to cool the whole house, we decided we would just turn the fan on high. Jessica and I awoke an hour later, with our hearts pounding. We heard a loud noise and the fan stopped. My first thought was that the power went out. I looked at the clock on the night stand, but it was not flashing. Hmm. Okay. Now I’m scared.

Me (whispering): Jess, what was that?
Jessica (whispering): I don’t know… turn on Dad’s lamp.
Me: I unplugged it to charge my phone. Turn on mom’s lamp.

Jessica turned on the lamp and our eyes fixed on the ceiling. Something happened to the fan. The blades didn’t look right. I got up to turn off the switch because the fan was making a loud noise that didn’t sound right. There were pieces of black plastic parts scattered all over the floor. What the crap happened?! Your guess is as good as mine, maybe even better. I do know that the fan is now broken and definitely not working. I also know that my dad finds it “hard to believe that the fan would break without anyone doing anything to it.” Really dad? I can’t imagine that something 30 years old would ever break on its own either.

My worst fear is that my fan will spin off the ceiling in the middle of the night and chop my head off. Apparently, someone thought of a safety measure because the circle the blades are attached to is too small to fall over the part the light cover is attached to. Close call.

Ali went to the store yesterday and bought some milk. When she took it out of the bag she realized that the bag was really wet. Crap. The milk jug has a hole in the bottom. What does one do in a situation like this? Well, you definitely don’t pour it out and buy another gallon, that’s for sure. See below for a sufficient solution.

Before I left for Austin on Saturday morning, I went to Target with Dave, Kristen and Katelyn. Katelyn really likes to push the cart. She doesn’t like it when she realizes that she is not really pushing it on her own, so you have to be discrete when you steer the cart away from the clothes rack. Here is a cute video for you!

That’s all I got. Happy Tuesday! If you happen to read this in the next 45 minutes, its happy Monday to you!

3 thoughts on “My Worst Fear Comes True… Partially

  1. Omigosh! I love that I can always count on your blog to make me laugh out loud! Seriously! And that little Katelyn is pretty funny too!

  2. Just because the fan has a high speed doesn’t mean you have to set it on high. Your car has 110 MPH on the speedometer but you don’t drive 110 now do you ?

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