Spring Cleaning = Free Clothes

Oh, Spring cleaning, so refreshing! It’s that time of the year again; time to weed out my closet. Each Spring, I take my Fall/Winter clothes off the hangers and say goodbye to them until October or November (you never know with Texas weather). During this transition process, I like to get rid of clothes that I didn’t wear all season. I’ll admit, I keep some clothes in my closet just because they look cute in there, not because I wear them. Once the Winter clothes are sorted and the keepers are stored under my bed, it’s time for my Spring/Summer wardrobe to make it’s appearance. Before I hang these clothes up, I have to make sure that they are worthy of a hanger again this year. Some clothes don’t fit and some just don’t fit my taste anymore. Each Christmas, one of Jessica’s presents is a box of hand-me-downs. I decided to make Christmas come early this year and surprise my sisters with a bag full of clothes for them to choose from. Because I love games, I made the giveaway into a game. Here is how the game works: We had 5 rounds and Jessica got to call the coin toss to see who would go first. I lay some clothes out on the couch and whoever won the coin toss gets to choose first. The girls choose back and forth until there are no more clothes left or until they don’t want anymore clothes from that round. I clear the couch after each round. My clothes are pretty cute though, so there weren’t any clothes to clear after most of the rounds. After the couch is cleared, I lay out another batch of clothes for the next round. After the game is over, they go try on their new clothes. It’s a fun way for me to get rid of my clothes and it’s the best shopping spree they’ll ever participate in. It’s a win-win.


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