Happy Birthday Dad!

Today, my dad celebrated the big 6-0. That’s right, sixty years old! I know it’s hard to believe because he just looks so young. Last night we looked on the internet for all of the places you can go to get free stuff on your birthday. A lot of places require you to sign up for their club online in order to get a free gift on your birthday, so that’s what we did. We printed out all of the coupons that were e-mailed to him last night and went around town to pick them up. Lucky for you, we documented the whole day.
First stop? Krispy Kreme. We did sign up for the Krispy Kreme club, but we were warned that you had to sign up ahead of time in order to get your free gift. Rumor had it that the free gift was a travel mug and a half-dozen of glazed donuts. SWEET! We walked in and told the man at the front that it was our dad’s 60th birthday and we signed him up for the club, but didn’t receive anything via e-mail. The man said it’s for children 12 and under. To this, I responded, “Are you kidding me?!” He quickly responded with, “Unless you’re 60. What kind of donut would you like, sir?” As much as I wanted to say, I heard you’re supposed to get a free half-dozen and a travel mug, I didn’t want to push my luck. A free donut is a free donut.

Next stop, Bed Bath and Beyond. We really only had to go here to get a friend’s wedding gift. Although Bed Bath and Beyond does not offer any giveaways for your birthday, my dad did get to relax in this fun chair with a canopy to rest up for our next stop.

Next stop, Schlotzsky’s. Schlotsky’s will send you a coupon just for signing up with the Bun & Fun eclub, and they’ll also send you a coupon for a free small Original sandwich on your birthday. We love Schlotzsky’s! This was one of the best deals for your birthday!

Next stop, Trudy’s! Trudy’s offers you a free Mexican Martini, beer, or shot on your birthday. Dad chose the Mexican Martini. He didn’t just get one Martini, they gave him the whole tumbler which ended up being 4 glasses! Don’t try to pull a fast one on the people at Trudy’s, they check your ID to make sure it really is your birthday.

Dad also received coupons from Baskin Robbins and Red Robin. Baskin Robbins offers you a free scoop of ice cream on your birthday (expires 5 days after your birthday) and Red Robin offers you a free burger on your birthday (expires 14 days after your birthday). Dad really wanted to use these coupons today, but we had to convince him to save room for his SURPRISE PARTY tonight at Threadgill’s, an Austin local favorite.

My mom started planning a suprise party for my dad a couple of weeks ago. We told my dad that we had to pick mom up from her meeting which was off of Lamar. Threadgill’s is on Lamar so it was perfect. Dave drove and none of us saw Threadgill’s so we drove down Lamar, past Threadgill’s. I guess Dave looked a little confused and my dad said, “Dave, if you’re looking for Threadgill’s, we already passed it.” Shoot. We turned around and arrived at our destination within minutes. We walked in to our own private room and my dad was really excited to see 20 of his closest friends there to welcome him!

Thanks to everyone for coming out, you really made it a birthday to remember! Happy birthday, Dad!


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