Frugal Friday!

Wednesday, May 6th: Oh, Wednesdays… I just love you! Most people would say that Friday is the best day of the week, but I’ll venture out and say that Wednesday is. Not only am I encouraged on Wednesdays that Monday now seems so far away and I’ve already made it through half of the week, but Wednesdays are always an exciting day for me. Why? Because the weekly grocery ads are delivered to my mailbox on Wednesdays. If I have to run home after work to change and head out again, I always stop to check the mail so I can read the ads at red lights, only after checking for found money of course. On another note, I am in two weddings this summer and the last thing I want to be referred to as is the “fat friend” in the wedding party. That being said, I’ve recently gone on a healthy food kick. Market Street has a lot of fruits and veggies on sale this week and I decided to take them up on a couple of their offers. Red leaf lettuce is on sale, 3 for $2.00. I decided to get one because I didn’t want the others to go bad if I didn’t eat them soon enough. Original Price: $1.29; My price: $0.66. I also got a couple of bell peppers; one yellow and one orange. Original Price: $3.58 (that jack is expensive); My price: $1.98. Total Savings: $2.23 or 46%

Thursday, May 7th: Today, my friend and co-worker, Angela, told me about a sweet deal. Some might find it hard to believe that she knew about a deal before I did, she is actually one of them. So apparently Oprah mentioned on her show earlier this week that KFC was giving away free food. WHAT?! FREE FOOD?! Yeah. To thank my readers, I’ve posted the coupon below. Print it off and go get you some! I know it’s small, but the coupon says that you get 2 pieces of grilled chicken, manager’s choice. What does “manager’s choice” even mean? Probably that they take the two smallest pieces that have been under the hot lamp the longest. The free food doesn’t stop there. You also get 2 individual sides and a biscuit. Please note that KFC is hoppin‘ on Mother’s Day and your coupon will not be accepted on Sunday. I never thought that the meal a mother might want on her special day would come from KFC, but hey, it’s your day mothers and you can get what you want.

OFFER FOR MOTHERS: KFC won’t accept your coupons on Mother’s Day, but Pei Wei will! Find the offer HERE, print it out, and have your husband buy lunch/dinner for the rest of the family and yours is on the house!

I have been trying to think of fun/creative gifts to give to friends as a wedding or birthday gift and I finally found what I’ve been looking for! My Real Simple magazine came today and let me just tell you that it is the best Christmas present I’ve ever gifted myself with. It is also another piece of mail that excites me! Not only is the June issue of Real Simple packed with great organizational tips/ideas and recipes, but it also has an advertisement that got my heart rate pumping when I saw it. The ad is for personalized stationary, note cards, and much more! The website is: The ad also mentions a promo code for Real Simple readers, and indirectly, followers of my blog. Use the promo code “junesimple” and will take 40% off your entire order, now through September 30! In addition to receiving 40% off my entire purchase, 3 of the items I purchased were already 30% off the original price. I can’t provide you with too many details because I am pretty sure the recipients of the items I purchased read my blog, but I got some personalized things for some people. Original Price of total purchase: $225.16. My price of total purchase: $82.62. Total Savings: $142.54 or 63%.

Total Weekly Savings: $144.77 or 63%.


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