Frugal Friday!

I spent a lot of money this week, but was not able to find any hardcore sales. My sweet friend, Bonnie, is getting married on July 25th and we (the bridesmaids) threw her a bridal shower this past weekend. It was so much fun! Good food and fellowship, can you ask for anything more? I think not. Although the cake was not on sale, I felt like it was a really good deal. I got a half sheet of white cake with white icing for $24.99 from Market Street and it was delicious!

Although I haven’t had an frugal purchases of my own this week, I wanted to tell you about a frugal opportunity for those in the Dallas and Austin areas. Ally Davidson, the winner of Season 2 on American Gladiators, started her own boot camp in Dallas, called Camp Gladiator, and recently ventured into her hometown of Austin. Not only is Ally a family friend of ours, but she’s one of the funniest people I know! Camp Gladiator was voted “Best Boot Camp” in 2008 and is the fastest growing boot camp in Texas! Camp Gladiator is a 4 week camp, held at 6 Dallas locations (AM and PM times) and 6 Austin locations. The price includes as many sessions as you’d like to attend during the 4 week period for only $150! This is an insane price – you would pay $100 for one hour with a personal trainer! With Camp Gladiator, you can potentially go to 52 sessions (based on times and locations in Dallas) for $150. For all you math wizards out there, that’s $2.88/session! Are you freaking kidding me?! Find out what the craze is all about by reading the testimonials here.

For more information, times and locations, visit or e-mail Ally at


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