2nd Annual Great Granny-A-Thon

Last Thursday, Kristen, Katelyn, Jessica and I departed for Houston to start our 2nd annual Great Granny-A-Thon! You might be thinking, “What is a Great Granny-A-Thon?” Let me explain. A Great Granny-A-Thon is a trip to Houston and Beaumont with Katelyn (my niece) to visit her great grannies (our grannies), each for a couple of days.

My parents brought Jessica down from Austin and Kristen, Katelyn and I drove down from Dallas to meet at our Granny’s house in Houston. The first night, we had dinner with our Granny, Uncle Todd and Aunt Toni at one of the best Mexican food restaurants! We always have such a fun time with them! Katelyn was able to spend some quality time with my parents and Eddie before they left for Beaumont.

After dinner, Jessica, Kristen, Granny and I had a fun time laughing and playing Bendomino, a mindless game with very little strategic thinking. On Friday evening, we drove to Galveston to play at Kemah Boardwalk before heading to dinner with our uncle Trent. Katelyn loved it there and had so much fun! They have an area with shooting water fountains for the kids to play in and although she never was able to stand next to the water fountain at the right time, she had a fun time walking around.

We were heading home from dinner when I heard an all too familiar sound… a flat tire. As much as having a flat tire stinks (If you recall, I had one a week ago), we couldn’t have asked for a better time to have it happen. Trent was still at the restaurant so he ran across the street and changed that tire like a member of the NASCAR pit crew! Jessica and I went to Discount Tire the next morning to get it checked out. Daniel (an attractive guy at Discount Tire) wasn’t able to figure out why it was flat, but noticed that the rims of two of my tires were pretty thin. Apparently I get a little too close to the curbs. So, $200 and 2 new tires later, we were on our way to Beaumont to visit my dad’s parents, Mom and Pop.

Mom and Pop are pretty chill and enjoy staying indoors. We can always count on a good card game when we visit them, but this time we got a little crazy and played Chicken Foot, a fun domino game. We went to church with them on Sunday morning so Mom could show us off. To be honest, we were nothing new; I’m sure everyone there had seen us at one point in our lifetime, so Katelyn was quite a spectacle. We visited a local hot spot in Beaumont, Dunkin’ Donuts, a couple of times. Although the donuts are not the same as they used to be, the coffee is still the best!

I used Kristen’s camera for all of the pictures I took at Mom and Pop’s, so you can visit the McCurdy blog to see those, posted on Shutterfly.


3 thoughts on “2nd Annual Great Granny-A-Thon

  1. Good update! Wish I would have read yours before I posted mine so I could copy it! 🙂

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