Where is Your Prostate?

My dad had surgery on Thursday to remove his prostate cancer. He was visiting and joking with everyone, all the way to the OR. When he came out of recovery, however, he didn’t think things were so funny. He was not in too much pain, but he did have some nausea that caused him to stay in the hospital until Friday afternoon instead of being discharged that morning. He’s been recovering well since he’s been home and my mom is trying to take care of him while also recovering from her last chemo treatment.

My sister Jessica sent out an e-mail that said that my dad had his prostate removed. I wasn’t really sure what that meant, or if it was even accurate. Jessica is notorious for not being 100% accurate in her story-telling. So I called my mom to get the inside scoop.

Mom: Hello?
Me: Mom, did Dad have his prostate removed?
Mom: Yes.
Me: What does that mean? What is that?
Mom: What is your prostate?
Me: Yes. Your prostate. What is that?
Mom: I’m not sure. (Hollering) Honey, come tell your daughter what a prostate is.
Dad: Hello?
Me: Dad, what is your prostate? Where is that?
Dad: Uhh… well… it’s inside of your body, below your bladder.
Me: So you don’t have one?
Dad: No.
Me: Oh okay.

He also informed me that he has a catheter.

Me: What is a catheter? What does that do?
Dad: Well, it empties my pee into a bag.
Me: What? You pee into a bag?
Dad: Yeah.
Me: But where does it come from?
Dad: My bladder.
Me: So you don’t pee like normal?
Dad: No.
Me: Can you feel yourself pee?
Dad: Well, no.
Me: WHAT?! So you just look at your bag and say, “It looks like I’m peeing.”
Dad: Yeah.
Me: Dad! That’s awesome!
Dad: Yeah, awesome. I’m so excited…
Me: Wow, that’s so cool!

He will go back to the doctor this week for a follow-up appointment. I’ll keep you posted.


4 thoughts on “Where is Your Prostate?

  1. Your mother was supposed to have that birds and bees talk with you girls. If we had sons, I would have done it. Doesn't sound like she got through the basic anatomy too well. I've done nothing but stay inside in a bathrobe and haul my little bag of pee around. I nicknamed it "Peewee". I go tomorrow to see if "Peewee" can go away. It gets even more fun then when I go to diapers. I hope I'm potty trained before Katelyn.

  2. Omigosh! I cannot stop laughing! The post…the comments…its all too much for me! I actually was thinking of buying Katelyn and potty chair this month, so we'll see who is trained first! 🙂

    p.s. britt-love the new pics of you on your profile. when did you get those done?

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