My dad called yesterday and left me this message: Well we had a big outing this afternoon. Your mother took Peewee and I up to HEB and I got to ride around in one of ’em little motorized shopping carts. People do look at you different when you’re in it. They say, ‘Get out of my way,’ but you can’t reach stuff on the top shelf. I’ma hafta start makin’ it where I can do a better job. I need those good lookin’ women to come over and say “Can I help you?” But I think bein’ an old man is gonna be pretty fun. Later.”

My dad lovingly named his pee bag “Peewee.” He said he took it with him everywhere and dragged it around like a little puppy. Unfortunately for Peewee, and fortunately for my dad, they parted ways this morning.

I’m leaving for Austin today to float the river with friends on Friday and take care of my parents on Saturday. Ali and our friend from Little Village (preschool at our church), Pita, is coming too! It should be a good time had by all.


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