Hello? Is Anybody Out There?

Occasionally, I feel like my family is the only one who reads my blog. I know this isn’t true because one of my friends will randomly say, “Hey I read your blog today.” To which I respond, “Oh really? That’s weird. Your comment must have somehow been erased. I’ll have to contact the customer service team at Blogger again.”

I understand that it used to be difficult to leave a comment on here, not to mention frustrating, but now the options are endless. Okay well they are limited to four, but compared to having only one option before, it feels like the options are endless.

One of the first things I learned about giving presentations is that you need to know your audience. Who is your audience? What’s in it for them? What is it that you are saying that your audience needs to hear? Well, as of right now, my audience is my family. How do I know that my audience is my family? Because they leave comments. How in the world am I supposed to know you were here unless you leave a comment? P.S. Calling me to tell me that you read it is not sufficient. The Human Resources Representative in me needs documentation. I need something I can go back to. This is why I prefer to send e-mails versus calling people on the phone at work. I never delete any work e-mails. People try to come back and say, “You didn’t send that to me” or “I never said that.” Oh really? That’s when I respond with “Not really sure what happened…” and attach the original e-mail that I sent to them or the one that they apparently “never said that” in. I won’t be fooled. Tangent. Back to the original intent of this post. Can you please just leave a comment? Not only does leaving a comment give me an idea of who my audience is, but it also motivates me to keep blogging. Every Thursday night around 10:00 pm, I think, “Oh no! I have to write my Frugal Friday! My readers are going to be disappointed that the post they have been looking forward to all week is no where to be found!” Maybe I’m overreacting. I guess I’ll find out…


5 thoughts on “Hello? Is Anybody Out There?

  1. Girl, I totally understand how you feel. Anonymous readers are the worst. I tell myself that they have a fear of leaving comments…. that they are too insecure to let on that they might be a blog stalker. You should use google analytics… then you can see how many people come to your blog each day, and then when no one leaves comments you can still know that there are readers out there.

  2. I'm here, and I totally love your blog! Does this comment "count" even though I'm family?

  3. Dear Brittany,

    I have decided to become a dedicated reader. Before you, I was a Frugal Failure, but through your direction and coaching, I am becoming a Discount Diva….today, I got a free pastry at Sbux AND saved $10 on my next chiro appt for filling out some survey….YOU ROCK…Heather D.

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