Frugal Friday!

Saturday, July 18th: I was blog hopping last night and found a post about a comfy t-shirt at GAP that was on sale. I think GAP is generally over priced, therefore, I only shop there when I am looking for something specific or when I’m looking for something that might be on sale – something that was considered stylish yesterday, but is no longer stylish today.

I ended up buying three items, one of which was the comfy tee that was mentioned in the post I read.

Pants: Original Price – $54.50. My Price: $10.97

Shorts: Original Price – $39.50. My price: $16.99. I’m not sure how they managed to get a picutre of my legs in these shorts prior to my purchase. Apparently, GAP uses photoshop.

Black Tee: Original Price: $18.50. My price: $7.99

Total Savings: $76.55 or 68%.

Thursday, July 23rd: I decided to be good this morning and bring my own lunch. NOTE: My own lunch = food that was leftover from a meeting yesterday that I boxed up and brought home for dinner and ended up having some left over for lunch. My friend and co-worker, Alison, wanted to go grab something for lunch and I recommended a new favorite place of mine, B.B.Bop Rice Bowls. I told her that I would be eating the lunch that I brought from home, but that I would go with her. If you’ve ever been to Chipotle, it’s the same concept. There are two sizes, regular and large. Regular is $5.95 and Large is $6.95. Alison asked me forced me to share the large with her. I agreed had no other choice but to say yes. We got a Large with brown rice, beef, corn, mushrooms, broccoli and green onions, in addition to the lettuce and cabbage that’s already included in the price. We got the Teriyaki, Tomatillo, and Chiang Mai Chili sauces on the side and took it back to the office to eat. Just to paint a picture of how huge the portion sizes are, I was only able to eat half of my half. The staff at B.B.Bop Rice Bowls are super friendly and really engage their customers. For someone who is all about great customer service, this is one of the reasons I choose to keep going back.

Lunch for two and then some: Original Price: $6.95. Our Price: $3.50 (roughly).

Total Savings: $3.50 or 50%.


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