Bonnie and David Tie The Knot!

Well, the day that once seemed so far away has come and gone; David and Bonnie finally tied the knot on July 25, 2009 at Royal Lane Baptist Church in Dallas, TX. After much drama with a reception venue who suggested they give Bonnie her money back and go somewhere else because “it would be cheaper for us in the end” two weeks (yes, I said TWO weeks) before her wedding, the Lord opened the door to a way better venue with supreme customer service!

1. If you are looking for a wedding reception venue in Dallas, TX, I highly recommend The Starlight Room.

2. If you’d like to save a lot of stress by knowing WHERE NOT TO GO FOR YOUR WEDDING RECEPTION, I’ll be happy to tell you.

3. Our make-up was done by a college friend of Bonnie’s, Rayven. She’s super sweet and really great at what she does. Check out her website and follow along as she turns her passion into a profession!

The day was perfect and so much fun! Bonnie was one hot bride and David was one handsome groom! The ceremony was sweet and the reception a blast! Bonnie’s mom decorated the entire reception venue and it was so beautiful! She’s just amazing… Here are some pictures from the event.


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