Frugal Friday!

Wednesday, July 29th: Bonnie’s dad, “Runnin’ Rick,” sang the National Anthem with a group of firefighter friends, known as “Fireforce,” tonight at the Texas Rangers game. Kristen, Dave, Katelyn and I met Bonnie’s mom, “Naked Nancy,” Bonnie’s brother, James, and his wife, Lori, at the ballpark. Runnin’ Rick sounded so good and we were so proud of him! Not only did we get one of the cheapest tickets available in addition to the two free tickets from Runnin’ Rick, but it was also $1 hot dog night, limit 5 per person. Limit 5 per person? Are you kidding me? America – this is why you are obese. There is no way most of these people would pay $14.75 for 5 hot dogs ($2.75*5), so why eat 5 just because they are $1 each? Ridiculous. People were waiting in line for 30-45 minutes just to score some $1 hot dogs. I was thinking of buying 4 and selling two of them to someone at the end of the line for $1.50 each. I could have made $1 for Dave and then it would have been like he bought one and got one free. I was also thinking of how I could have gotten taken to the side by security, they could have asked to see my ticket, it would have been no where near where I was really sitting because I was supposed to be out in the sun with all of those other people who paid $7 for their ticket, and then I could have gotten arrested for selling my hot dog without a vendor’s license… all because I wanted to make $1 for my brother-in-law. Although the idea was genius, I decided I wasn’t willing to take the risk.

Total Savings: 1 ticket for the section we sat in + 2 hot dogs – Original price: $27.50. My price: $9.00. Total Savings: $18.50 or 67%.

Please note that I am not encouraging you to steal, lie, or be shady. Please also note that had someone asked to see my ticket, I would have gone to my rightful seat, but it turned out that I wasn’t sitting in anyone’s seat so everything worked out fine.

Here are some pictures from our fun night…

Naked Nancy and Katelyn reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear

Dave and Katelyn


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