Happy Birthday Maegan!

This past weekend I went to Austin with some of my best girl friends to celebrate Maegan’s day of birth! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MAEGAN! We arrived in Austin on Friday night to some sweet Motown music (I can always count on Mr. Woodard to have some great tunes), fresh fruit and veggies, and Johnny Carinos. It was delicious! We woke up Saturday morning to a gourmet breakfast. I mean, really, it was like we were in a 5 star hotel! SIDE NOTE: Maegan’s parents are by far the best hosts I’ve ever encountered. They should totally give some hosting classes and charge big bucks for them. So after breakfast, we drove about 40 minutes to New Braunfels to float the Comal River. We decided to use Texas Tubes and we were really pleased. Important Note: Be sure that your coolers are not styrofoam and are no more than 16 quarts. If so, you can bet that they will be confiscated by New Braunfels’ finest. The river was pretty packed seeing that all of the other rivers were low from the drought and the Comal is the only spring-fed river for miles. We had a great time, but were pretty worn out when we got back home. Overall the weekend was so much fun and really relaxing.


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