Frugal Friday!

Sunday, August 16th: So I’ve been casually looking for some new make-up, specifically foundation. By looking, I really mean thinking about it from time to time and then forgetting. On Saturday, I decided to get down to business. I went to Beauty and the Blush to see if Rayven had any recommendations. She did! She recommended Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation. I occasionally catch a glimpse of make-up deals in the CVS weekly ad as I’m putting it into the recycling bin, so I decided to look at the ad online. Lucky for me, they were having a buy one get one FREE on all Maybelline products! I went with the Dream Liquid Mousse as well as the Mineral Power Natural Perfecting Powder Foundation. With excitement, I walked up to the counter and presented my CVS card. The cashier told me that they would send me a $5 CVS gift certificate if I updated my e-mail address on my account. I’m down! I pay for my make-up, update my e-mail address and take my receipt. The cashier notices that there is a coupon on my receipt for a FREE chocolate bar. Can my day get any better? Umm yes! A visit to the McCurdy household was the icing on the cake!

Recap: 1. Powder Foundation – Regular Price: $9.99. My price: FREE. 2. Chocolate bar – Regular Price: $2.00. My price: FREE. 3. Updating my e-mail address – Regular Price: FREE. My price: -$5.00. This is historic. My first time to gain money in addition to saving it!

Total Savings: $11.99 or 100%

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