My First Haircut!

I did something last week that I have never done before. I cut someone’s hair. What I did to make him feel like he could trust me with clippers next to his head, I’m not sure. I told him I was down for it, but he had to first acknowledge that he understood my disclaimers and ground rules:

1. I have confidence that I can cut hair using clippers. I do not, however, have confidence that the end result will not look like you were attacked by Edward Scissorhands.
2. I have never cut anyone’s hair before and you are waiving your rights to be upset with the outcome of your haircut.
3. No crying or yelling allowed.
4. This experiment might consist of cutting your hair while watching a handful of youtube “how to” videos.
5. If I cut your hair, you are allowing me to blog about it and post before and after pictures.
6. If you don’t mind the thought that you might look like you’ve enlisted in the army at the end of the session, I’m all for it.
7. If I cut your hair and it’s so bad that I can’t even look at you, I’ll take you to dinner and consider the tab my punitive damages. You will not be awarded any monies for compensable damages.

He said he would sign my disclaimer if #5 was deleted to “protect my family, sort of like names have been changed to protect the innocent.” I convinced him to let me blog about it if I changed his name and somehow concealed his identity. He agreed. He wanted his name to be “Enrique” and suggested that I put a black square over his eyes. Works for me.

Even though he agreed not to be upset with the outcome, I was still pretty nervous. He would have to explain himself to inquiring minds and I definitely didn’t want to be known as the girl who gave him a jacked up haircut. It was way easier and more fun than I thought! I can’t take all the credit because he did the front and I just did the back. Who knows, maybe I’ll invest in some clippers and start a side business.

Here are the before and after pictures of Enrique.


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