Frugal Friday!

Sunday, August 23rd: My strapless bra continues to fail me and that makes me sad. I’m sad mainly because I am not a fan of shopping for new bras, for a couple of reasons. One because it’s really hard to find one that fits you just right and does its job. Two because they are expensive. I have not been looking forward to buying a new one, but alas the day has come and I must get it over with. I remembered that one of my best friends, Callie, said she got her favorite one at Kohls. I took her advice and headed over to Kohls. I found the brand Callie recommended, Lilyette, and it seemed to fit pretty well, but I had to do two tests. The first test was putting on a fitted shirt to make sure everything looked right. Pass. The second test was jumping. I had to make sure that it really would stay in place like the tag boldly proclaimed. Pass. I walked to the front of the store and found out that it was on sale. The goodness does not stop there, no. Not only was it on sale, but I got $10 off my purchase just for signing up to receive coupons and promotions in the mail! AND it is tax-free weekend. Perfect!

Regular price: $32.00. My price: $11.99. Total Savings: $20.01 or 63%


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