Mamaw and Peepaw Come to Town!

Last weekend, my parents came in town to watch Katelyn while Kristen and Dave had a night to themselves in Dallas. Don’t think that my sister and her husband are spoiled and can call Mamaw and Peepaw whenever they feel like getting away. This is not the case. They originally planned to go away to China for one week for a conference, and my parents were going to watch Katelyn for 3 days and Dave’s mom was going to watch her for the other 4 days. The conference was canceled, but they still wanted to spend time with Katelyn, and Kristen and Dave were not about to turn down a night alone. I knew that the maximum fun level would not be reached if I didn’t spend time with Mamaw, Peepaw and Katelyn on Saturday. For their benefit (okay, mainly for mine) I joined them for a day at the park and McDonalds. I’ve recently gotten back on a Chai Tea Latte kick. I made one Saturday morning to jump start my day and brought it over. Katelyn asked for a “sip pease Bitty.” Hmmm… “Sure, you can have a sip, Katelyn.” She loved it! “Sip pease! Sip pease!” Okay, you can have another sip when we get to the park. You need to be patient. “Have patience, have patience…” “Yes, that’s right Katelyn, have patience.” She was all over that drink when we got to the park. I told her the name of the drink and Peepaw put some in her own cup when we got back to the house. The next morning, Kristen and Dave were back and mom and dad were still there, so I joined them for breakfast. My dad called to remind me to bring some bananas to go with our chocolate chip pancakes. “And bring some of that thai chi latte (he can’t ever get it right). Katelyn’s been asking for it all morning. I went to get her out of bed this morning and the first words out of her mouth were thai chi latte!” Oh no… what have I done?

I mentioned that we went to McDonalds. Katelyn calls it “adonalds” and yells it out everytime she sees those double arches. We sat in the play area so Katelyn could do her thing. If you’ve been to McDonald’s or anywhere with an indoor playground, you’ve probably seen a door in the play area that says “EMERGENCY EXIT ONLY. ALARM WILL SOUND” on it. My dad is not very patient efficient with his time. My mom, on the other hand, is not. She likes to take her time. My dad doesn’t like to wait on my mom, or anyone really. He would rather be sitting in the car, staring at his watch, counting how long it takes you to meet him in the car, so he can inform you of how slow you are when you finally get there. Sometimes this mind set does not play in his favor. Case in point. We were getting ready to leave McDonalds, but had to get Katelyn’s shoes on her feet, pick up her toy, and her bag, you know, all of the things that come along with a child. Dad didn’t have time for this. He wanted to get to the car and away from the screaming children as fast as he could. He proceeded to walk out the first door he saw. Mistake. Big mistake. He quickly jumped back and started walking towards the main entrance/exit. This was too good to not document.


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