Oh, Airports…

I left the Big D today and ventured up to Columbus, OH. Don’t get too excited, it’s just for business. I’ll be presenting to two of our offices in Ohio, reviewing our 2010 benefit changes. I’m excited for a couple of reasons. 1. In my opinion, this is a big girl deal. I don’t have a travel buddy and I have to eat dinner by myself. Way out of my comfort zone, but something new and I’m all for it. 2. I think it will be fun to finally be able to put faces with names and voices.

Little did I know that I was going to have one of the best days of people watching I’ve experienced in a while. I got to the DFW Airport and was waiting to go through security. I noticed that there are two kinds of people who work security at the airport. Kind #1: Hate their job and start counting down the time remaining in their shift the minute they arrive to work. Kind #2: Take their job way too seriously and are on a power trip. I wish I had some videos to show you, but unfortunately I’m only able to replay them in my mind. I couldn’t stop smiling as I was watching everything unfold before my eyes – it was that good. I understand that they have to say the same things over and over again all day long like, “Take all liquids out of your bag or else we will be forced to do a bag check!” (power trippers), and “I need to see your boarding pass and ID ma’am/sir” (haters), but it was just comical. P.S. Since when do you have to take lip gloss out of your purse to avoid a bag check?

I got to Columbus and settled into my hotel. It looked a lot nicer on the internet, but I guess that’s how it normally goes. My co-worker, Eric, told me that I had to visit a restaurant near the Ohio State campus, called Lemongrass Fusion Bistro. I’ve never eaten by myself in public before. Is that weird? I would rather just get something to go and bring it back to the apartment than to sit at a restaurant looking like a loner. I decided to face my fears. Eric also informed me that it’s not so bad if you sit and eat at the bar. To be honest, it really wasn’t as bad as I had imagined. I ordered the Spicy Shrimp Tempura and Cucumber Roll and it was delicious! To semi-make up for not shooting video of the security drama today, I took a picture of my dinner.

Isn’t it pretty? I drove back to the hotel and was trying to find a parking spot while talking to Bonnie. All of a sudden, a man appeared on top of the dumpster. Is that a homeless person? What’s going on? Oh phew. Not a homeless person, just a shady looking guy jumping over the 10 foot brick wall and walking towards me. Ummm U-turn. I drove out of the parking lot and continued to talk to Bonnie. I guess this part of town gets shady after 10:00 pm. No need to worry – I’m safe and sound in my room and about to go to bed. As long as my car is still there in the morning, I’ll be good to go.


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