Is This What Fall Looks Like?

When I got to Columbus yesterday, it was already kind of dark so I wasn’t really able to see the city at its finest. As I was driving to the local office this morning, I had a revelation. The streets and highways are lined with trees, something that you don’t see in Dallas. The trees were colorful. All sorts of colors – red, yellow, orange, red-orange, yellow-orange, red-yellow. A light bulb went off in my mind. THIS IS WHERE THE COLORS OF FALL COME FROM! I mean, I knew the colors of fall were red, yellow, orange, red-orange, yellow-orange, and red-yellow, but I never really knew why. How did I not know that? Because I’ve lived in Texas my entire life. So you’ve never visited the states that actually have 4 seasons? Not during fall, no. For a second I got kind of upset that I had been deprived of the beauty that is fall for all of these years, but then I came to my senses and realized that it wasn’t my parents’ fault. They were raised in Texas too. I think my experience today may be like someone’s experience with something like TiVo. Hear me out. You don’t realize what you’re missing until you experience it. I always hear people say that they wouldn’t be able to live without their TiVo. Am I saying that I can’t live without fall anymore? Well no, but I am saying that it may not be so bad to live somewhere other than Texas for a little while. Ultimately, I would have to come back to Texas, because of the states that I have been to, it doesn’t get any better than Texas.

My presentation went really well this morning. I prayed that the Lord would calm my nerves and help me to speak intelligently. He did just that and it was awesome! I drove to Cincinnati today for the other presentation I have tomorrow morning. I asked one of the guys at work where I should eat. He said, “When you come to Cincinnati, you have to go to Montgomery Inn at the Boathouse, downtown. They have the best ribs.” When I got to Cincinnati, I had actually already forgotten where he said I should eat. I was reminded when I talked to my co-worker (and friend), Angela. I asked her if she knew where I should eat and I think she might have peed in her pants a little bit when she shouted, “OMG! You have to go to Montgomery Inn! They have the best ribs!” What really enticed me was that she said had she thought about Montogmery Inn when she was booking her travel, she would have volunteered to present in Ohio. The branches in Ohio aren’t even the people she supports everyday, so that would be a big deal. I didn’t get too excited because most of the time I hear people talking things up, I always end up being disappointed. Was the story of my life going to re-play itself tonight? I wasn’t sure, but I was willing to see. I had just gotten out of the shower, so I had wet hair and no make-up on. I wasn’t really looking the part to go out to eat, so I called ahead and ordered some ribs to go. I decided to end my long day with a Bud Light from the convenient store. It was the perfect pairing to the best ribs I’ve ever tasted! Let’s pretend like we’re reading an issue of Highlights at the dentist’s office. Can you find the differences in these two pictures? Good luck!


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