24 Is Way Older Than 23.

I’m happy to report that the Lord has allowed me to live another year. That makes 24 years that I’ve been alive. I like saying “I’m 24.” It’s way better than saying “I’m 23.” 24 just sounds way older than 23, doesn’t it? To celebrate my day of birth, I invited some dear friends in the Dallas area to come out for dinner and bowling. I wanted it to be super casual for two reasons: 1. Casual is just more fun. 2. I wanted people to feel like they could come and go. For dinner, I chose my favorite burger joint, Twisted Root Burger. Aside from great burgers, Twisted Root has a really fun atmosphere. Instead of giving you a number to listen for, they give you a celebrity name. If you’re lucky, you could be Marilyn Monroe for the night and pick up your order right after Britney Spears or Shaq. If you visit, I highly recommend the Fried Ride: fried pickles, fried green beans, sweet potato chips, curly fries, and friend onion strings. Seriously. You have to save your calories throughout the week in order to eat this and not feel guilty. After dinner, we headed over to the bowling alley for a game of bowling. I’ll skip over my score and highlight Bonnie’s victory. She beat everyone on her team, including her husband, who’s a hardcore bowler. It was a lot of fun and my face was sore at the end of the night from smiling so much. The older I get, the more I enjoy and appreciate good quality time with friends. I’m not sure what year 24 has in store, but you can be sure that I’ll share the details here. I’ll leave you with some pictures from the night.

Callie and her Boo, Jeremy, giving me “sassy.”
Angela and Q

My little Mousey, Bonnie, and me.


David and Bonnie

Callie, Maegan and Kristi

Ali and Dina.

Shout out: Thank you to the McCurdys and Webbs for the great cupcakes!

Kristi, Maegan and me.

Shout out: Thank you to Laura and Leah for the super fun birthday glass!

Don’t worry guys, a little vodka never hurt anyone. Okay, okay. It’s water.


2 thoughts on “24 Is Way Older Than 23.

  1. I feel older too ! Some of those 24 years added some extra ones on me. The year you learned to drive for one. Well, as I think back it was more like the two years you learned to drive. You get more beautiful every year. Happy birthday.

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