I Have Issues…

I have issues. One issue I have is zipping my pants. This is only an issue if my pants have more than one button. Since most of my pants have one button and one zipper (gosh, can you imagine having pants with TWO zippers?), I’m used to performing two steps and only two steps after I pull my pants up. Step one: Button my pants. Step two: Zip my pants. I don’t really think about it, I just do it. So when my pants have more than one button, an issue is created. I just bought some new pants and they have THREE buttons. Yes, three. Is this really necessary? Who really needs three buttons to hold their pants up? Two buttons, okay. I can understand that. But three? I’m sure that extra button adds another $5 to the retail price of the pants. Simply unnecessary. Anyways, I bought these new pants (for a really great price, I might add) and I’ve worn them to work 4 times, so far. I’ve forgotten to zip my pants every time. I have managed to button all three buttons, which I am proud of because I’m only used to performing two steps, but I keep forgetting to zip my pants. The good news is that the zipper is short, so it’s not too obvious to my co-workers that I’m sloppy. I normally don’t realize I forgot to zip them until I spill/drop some part of my breakfast on my pants and look down. I say to myself and sometimes under my breath, “Are you kidding me?” My issues could be more serious, so I’m actually thankful for this one. My solution to the issue? None. It is what it is.


2 thoughts on “I Have Issues…

  1. I have that zipping up problem too from time to time. When called on it I just say "I'm an old man now oopsie". That won't work for a 24 year old bright intelligent woman though. You could start walking around with a crazy as a loon look in your eyes. Then people will say "Oh she's not forgetful; she's just crazy".

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