I Should Resign More Often.

My last two weeks of work were bitter-sweet; bitter because there are a lot of faces I will miss greeting each morning, yet sweet because I know that the Lord has called me to be part of a new adventure He’s planned. October 22nd was my last full day in the Dallas office and one of my c0-workers, Jenna, offered to organize a farewell lunch for me. I told her I wanted to go somewhere cheap and chill so I chose  one of my favorite places, Potbelly. She came by to get me and we walked to the lobby to meet everyone else, but no one was there. A little sad, I walked with her over to one of the conference rooms to “check one more place”. I walked in and saw some of my favorite faces sitting around the room waiting with balloons, cupcakes, punch and a fun gift! Although I was really looking forward to a Wreck from Potbelly, this was way better! I soon realized that my co-worker and good friend, Angela, coordinated with Jenna and came in on her day off to host the get together. I was instructed to sit at the front of the room where I found the cutest box ever labeled “BB’s Love Notes” (shout out to Carley) filled with notes of encouragement from my co-workers. As if that wasn’t sweet enough, Angela asked everyone in the room to share stories and/or words of encouragement with me. I’ve always thought “I know the Lord is using me here, I just don’t know what that looks like…”  so to be able to hear about the ways the Lord had been working through me in the lives of my co-workers over the past 3 years was such an honor. A short devotional, titled Beginnings, that I received from Proverbs 31 Ministries was fitting for this day. It reminded me just how impactful daily interactions can be and that each day is an opportunity to plant a seed of hope in someone’s life.  The lunch hour was filled with lots of laughter and tears, and the gratitude I have for my friends and co-workers at Schneider Electric is truly inexpressible. 

My last week of work was spent traveling to three of our offices to present the changes to our 2011 benefit programs. Thankfully the changes were positive and I didn’t have anyone trying to shoot the messenger. I was glad to finally be able to put faces with names and voices and it was a nice way to end my time with the company. My “road show” ended in Austin, where I stayed the weekend to take part in my dear friend, Jordan’s, wedding. She is simply stunning and you can see for yourself by taking a look at her bridals by Christina Carroll, here.


3 thoughts on “I Should Resign More Often.

  1. Love those pics of Jordan! Whoa nellies! And I loved your reflections of your last week at work. Praying for you as you start this new season…

  2. Hi Brittany!
    Your mom shared your blog w/ me. Kudos for making this leap of faith! I just recently hooked up w/ a women’s group of World Vision called Women of Vision….awesome opportunity. The Dallas chapter just formed in the last year. You should check it out. Both Gail Buckley and I thought you should know about it after we heard from your mom. I know they would be blessed to have you — now to discern if that’s where God is calling you!



    The Dallas contact is Andre Galloway, agalloway@attorneystc.com.

    God is good!
    Cathy White
    Bethany UMC

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