A Page Is Turned.

Where to start, where to start… Let’s do this. I’ll go through 7 of my favorite things (in no particular order) that I’ve been a part of since putting the chapter in my life I lovingly call “Corporate America” behind me, and you read them, okay? Great! I think that sounds like a SUPERB plan as well.

1. Freedom. Being able to plan my own schedule each week has been AWE-SOME! Some days I work 12 hours and other days I work 4 hours. Sometimes I sleep until 6:30 am and sometimes I get crazy and sleep until 10:30 am. If I want to hang out with the McCurdys one day, I can. I don’t have to worry about requesting PTO, the big projects I need to finish, or the incredibly large amount of emails I’ll have waiting for me the next day.

2. DIY Projects. Holly over at June Cleaver Nirvana is a Supermom of three boys and is also one of the most fun people to work for! She gives me really fun projects to do around her house and I can always count on her (and the boys) to make my day interesting. The list includes helping her bring all of her Christmas decorations down from the attic, organizing the ornaments into like groups, assembling and decorating their 15 foot (I have Blog-Stedman to thank for that one) Christmas tree, and becoming a Christmas present wrapper extraordinaire. I also painted a gem of a wall, a magnetic chalkboard, all with the power of paint. I had heard of chalkboard paint, but never magnetic paint.

3. The faithfulness of the Lord. I have been in awe of the many ways the Lord has provided for me – spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially – since putting my complete trust in Him. How sweet it is to stop acting like a toddler, trying to do everything that I obviously don’t know how to do, and relinquish control of my life to the One who actually knows what He is doing.

4. A new adventure. When I realized God was asking me to close one chapter in my life and turn the page to the beginning of the next, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. I mean, I knew I was going to be obedient to His calling because I had prayed for His strength to do so, but I wasn’t sure how I was going to make money. The pieces quickly started coming together once I decided to stop controlling my situation, and He gave me the idea to use my strengths and passions and start a small business. “What kind of small business?” I started a small business of serving others and buildings relationships by helping people with whatever they need help with. You can see from #2 that I really do help with whatever my clients need help with, HOWEVER, I draw the line at cleaning the house. It’s not a strength of mine (you can ask my parents; they saw my room when I was growing up… okay and even now) and I know that hiring me to clean is just not a wise investment of anyone’s money or my time. Back to the business.  The wonderful and talented Sarah designed my business cards and is currently designing my website. She is pretty much awesome and you should contact her if you need any design work, or if you just want to talk because she’s a great conversationalist, too.

5. Quality Time. Since starting this new chapter in my life, I have been able to serve and love people well. Months ago I realized that I wasn’t able to do anything without thinking about work. I couldn’t have a conversation with someone and give them my undivided attention because in the back of my mind, I was thinking about work-related things I had to get done. Sure, I was able to love and serve people while working, both at work and in my personal life, but I didn’t feel like I was able to do it well. Some people have learned how to maintain a work-life balance, and it was my time to learn when I got myself to a point of no return. Please note that I got myself there. I am not blaming my situation on the company I worked for or anyone else for that matter. I did it to myself. It was at this point that I realized the importance of loving and serving people well and recalled the joy I felt when I was able to that. I’ll tell you what, it’s amazing how much your quality of life improves when you are able to pour into other people and focus on someone other than yourself.

6. Legit friends. The Lord has blessed me with an amazing close circle of friends and I’m forever grateful. My friend Liz and I went to visit our friends Brittany and JR in the huge, super exciting city of Jonesboro, Arkansas. It’s okay to be jealous of me, it really is.  Although each day that we were there was filled with lots of laughter and fun, one day in particular was my favorite. We met some of Brittany’s older and wiser friends at a coffee shop and we sat around and talked about the goodness of the Lord. As I sat there, I thought, “This is how it should be. This is how life should be done.” To hear about the ways that the Lord was working in each person’s life was encouraging and uplifting. My heart was happy. I’m sad to say that I am super lame and didn’t take any pictures on our trip, but I’ll leave you with a picture of Brittany and my new friend, Sara. **To learn more about Sara’s t-shirt, visit www.xxxchurch.com.**

7. AdvoCare. I was introduced to AdvoCare products in June when I participated in a 24 day challenge. For the first time I learned how vital good nutrition is in our daily lives. My idea of healthy used to be a turkey sandwich with a little bit of mayo, low-fat cheese and a side of baked lays. However, I learned that it is much more than that. I learned that I should be eating small meals at least 5 times a day, which foods I should be eating, drinking a gallon of water *gasp*, and I experienced the power of putting AdvoCare’s high quality nutritional supplements in my body on a daily basis. My energy levels are up, I feel awesome and I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in. AdvoCare has not only helped me physically, but also financially. I started really thinking about people in my life who would love to feel the way that I feel and began sharing the hope I found in AdvoCare with them. It has been so fun to encourage and walk alongside friends, old and new, as they begin their journey of learning a new lifestyle and getting healthy. If eating healthier and losing weight are on your New Year’s resolutions list, you should think about participating in the “New Year, New You” 24 day challenge starting January 10th. Show those extra pounds that showed up after the holidays who’s boss.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now. I’m off to spend a couple of days with the fam.


2 thoughts on “A Page Is Turned.

  1. I love how the Lord provides for your every need and brings new things to you each day. It is great to see the joy of the Lord in you in all that you do. Love, MOM

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