Party Cloudy, High of 64

I bet you’re wondering, “How am I supposed to pack if I don’t even know where I’m going?” Here’s our itinerary: Paris 3/15-3/17, London 3/18-3/20, Nice 3/21-3/23, Texas 3/24-until next time.

Keep a couple of things in mind when packing your suitcase:

1. We’re only bringing one piece of luggage and it’s a carry-on. No checked luggage. George Clooney taught us how much time you waste by checking bags in his movie, Up in the Air. If you’re wondering how you’re going to fit 10 days of clothes into a carry-on bag, take a minute and allow this packing pro to teach you his ways. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I watched this at least 20 times and took detailed notes on each step. Have I ever mentioned my Type A personality?

2. We’re looking forward to great weather, especially on our first day in Paris! Partly cloudy with a high of 64 – you really can’t ask for anything better. I wrote a letter to Europe last week and asked her (Europe is female) to prepare the hostels with clean sheets and the cities with nice weather. I signed it XOXO and I think she liked that. If you’re nice to the Europeans (or the country as a whole), they’re nice to you.

3. If you forget your camera, we’ve got you covered. We’ll be uploading pictures and videos for you here.

4. Whatever you do, DON’T forget your passport. That happened to me once…


2 thoughts on “Party Cloudy, High of 64

  1. you are SO FUNNY! Have a great time. We’ll look forward to hearing from you.
    You get back the day before I go to D.C. I’m sure your trip will be MUCH BETTER!

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