The Terminal.

We arrived in Paris this morning after a 9 hour flight. We had a little trouble sleeping on the plane, but it was nothing a small bottle of wine couldn’t fix. Overall the plane ride was good and was not too eventful. Unknowingly, we were saving up our energy for the event that was about to happen.

Once we arrived at the airport, we had to take a bus from the plane to the terminal. When we got on the bus, I decided to check my purse to make sure I had my passport. I get paranoid about important things like that. My purse is kind of big, so when I couldn’t find it the first go around, I wasn’t too worried. I checked again, a thorough check. Not there. My heart started pounding. “Ummm, guys? I don’t have my passport…” The bus takes off. We continue to look for my passport. Nothing. We get off the bus and I tell the first attendant I see, Jean, that I left my passport on the plane. He asks me to check and double check (really triple and quadruple check) my bag. Nothing. He tells us to get back on the bus and he’ll go with us to the plane so he can look for it. I tell him where I was sitting and he goes in for the intense search and rescue. He returns with a passport in his hand. “YES! Thank you sooooo much!” I open the passport. It’s not mine. “Uhhh this isn’t me. This isn’t mine!” “WHAT? Are you sure that’s not you?” “Yes, I’m sure that’s not me!” We have to go back and wait at the terminal while Jean’s supervisor goes in for a second look. As we’re sitting on the bench, I start crying and praying that my passport will turn up. Jenn turns to me and says, “Hey, have you seen that movie with Tom Hanks, The Terminal?” “No, what’s it about?” “Well, I think he loses his passport and he’s like in limbo and stuck in the airport for 2 years. He builds a house there and everything. That could be you.” “Awesome, thanks.” Jean hears some good news on his walky-talky and happily reports that they found my passport. Relief. He was so sweet to us and I’m thankful for him.

Passports in tow, we headed to the city to find our hostel. We walked around until our hostel was ready and went up to Notre Dame. The view was amazing and we really enjoyed it, minus the 400 steps it took to get to the top. We also went to the Louvre. I remembered something happened at the Louvre on Tuesdays, but there wasn’t a line. Ah, yes. The Louvre is closed on Tuesdays. That’s what happens. We walked around and soaked in the beautiful weather instead. It was pretty much amazing.

That’s all we’ve got to report for today. We’ll post pictures when we’re able and will write again soon!

Update: Below are some pictures from today.

“You don’t have your passport?”

Jean – the man responsible for ensuring my passport was found

The Louvre on Tuesday… when it was closed.

We stayed at the bottom of Sacre Coure, the white building at the highest point in the upper left-hand corner.

The Eiffel Tower from Notre Dame


6 thoughts on “The Terminal.

  1. So much for saving time by packing only a carry-on. Praise God that they found your passport! Wonder when that other person started missing theirs. Maybe you can get one of those zipper pouches on a belt for your money and passport. Onward…have fun. Love you.

  2. lol… last november I left my passport at the detax office of the Galeries Lafayette on a Saturday evening (leaving the next am)… didn’t realize it until I decided, on a whim, to change purses to go to dinner. Luckily, the store was not closing until 8, they had my passport and finally made it to dinner…

    so glad you got to the top of Notre Dame! amazing amazing amazing… ok… now I have a quest for you… go to a pharmacy and ask for BIAFINE.. it’s an amazing burn cream… sunburn, chi burn… whatever. You can only get it here by prescription. Also, it will help after you’ve been on the beach in Nice!

    can’t wait to see your pictures!!!

  3. I seriously just died laughing at Jenn telling you about “The Terminal.” What a friend 🙂 So glad yall made it there safe. I wish I was with yall soooo bad! Hope you’re having a blast. Love you guys!

  4. as i sit at my computer and stuff my face with cookies, i am reminded of one of the MANY reasons i love you…your ability to add humor in communicating non humorous situations. duct tape that baby to your belly and i can assure you it won’t be lost again!

  5. Brittany
    So glad to hear of your excellent adventures!
    And the added drama of the pport just makes for good reading- keep it up, maybe now you cold stare & smile at a royal!!
    B safe! John & Ruth

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