A Cold and Rainy Day in London Town

I have to admit, I could do life here. I feel a little more at home here given the fact that they speak the same language in a fun dialect.

We arrived at the airport today and met an American girl who recommended a car service from the airport (about 30 minutes out) to the city. We called them when we arrived in London and they seemed really on top of it. We left the terminal and waited outside, next to the taxis in the cold rain, looking for a car that had the company name on the side. We called and told them where we were waiting about 5 times and asked questions like “What is the license plate number? What color is the car? What kind of car is it?” and the response we got each time was, “Just wait there. (Click)” After about 30 minutes of waiting where we were, they called back and told us to go back to the terminal where our driver was waiting with a sign with my name on it. ‘Preciate the heads up; that would have been nice to know about 45 minutes ago. We found our driver who was a little upset with us and didn’t respond well/at all to any of our questions. He was a tough crowd. We found our hostel, Clink78, which was recently converted from an old courthouse, and then ventured to our tiny 4-person room. That might have been the tiniest 4-person room I’ve ever seen (see below).

Since it was cold and rainy today, our “things to do” options were limited. In honor of London, we decided to go see The King’s Speech at the movie theatre. I know that sounds lame, but it was fun to see landmarks in the movie and to know that we’d see them the next day in real life.

On the agenda for tomorrow: Borough Market and Fat Tire Bike Tour.


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