Peace out Paris

Just a quick update for those of you who are checking your email enthusiastically each day:

Wednesday: Today we went to the Louvre and the Catacombs and also took a night bike tour with Fat Tire Bike Tours and totally dominated the streets of Paris. I mean it was seriously like the Tour de France, minus the tight suit, helmet and road bike. Other than that, it was the exact same thing. We highly recommend the night bike tour with Fat Tire Bike Tours if you visit Paris, London, Bercelona or Berlin. After the bike tour, we went out to a pub-ish type place with the tour guides to enjoy a night with the locals. We heard that if you smile at guys here, it doesn’t just mean hello. We’ve tried very hard to have a mean look on our face when we make eye contact with a guy.

Thursday: Today our tour guide from last night gave us a personal tour of his favorite spots in Paris. He took us to a place that claimed to have the world’s best falafel. We’ve been deprived all our lives because that stuff was awesome. We turned a 30 minute train ride to Versailles into a 2 hour train ride. Don’t ask us how, we just managed to do it. It was well worth the time and amazing. We rented a bike and rode through the gardens. In our opinion, this is the only way to see the gardens. Do it.

We are off to London and will post again soon!

Update: Below are pictures from Wednesday and Thursday.


7 thoughts on “Peace out Paris

  1. Y’all are having way too much fun!! Good for you. Be safe and ENJOY it all! Anita and I will start practing our biking skills for the next trip abroad…..Pics???? Blessings, xxoo

  2. So happy that you liked the bike tour! And Versailles… and I do understand how the 30 min can turn into 2 hours! Can’t wait to hear about London! Will you fat tire there as well?

  3. How cool! A night bike ride through Paris sounds totally fun – minus the Tour de France ambiance. That only conjures up images of fast cycling, sore muscles and watery eyes (from the wind blowing in them)…
    Glad you girls are doing well and not picking up any strange men! Remember the movie Taken! Don’t share cabs or give out your info to overly chatty foreign dudes!
    Love you, BRB! Can’t wait til you’re home!

  4. I’m impressed with your joie de vivre. The only thing that would make reading your posts more enjoyable would be to see some pictures of the two of you enjoying the things you write about. But don’t stop enjoying just to post. Seen Mick Jagger yet ?

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