Café vs. Coffee

Yesterday and today were slow-paced days, but we enjoyed every bit of it. Yesterday we took the bus up the coast to Eze and Monaco and back down to Nice. Eze was pretty cool, and a lot of steps to the top. For some reason, (because that’s what I told Ali and Jenn) we were under the impression that the bus frequented Eze and stopped every 30 minutes. We were wrong. While waiting for the bus, we went across the street for a cup of coffee. I asked for café and Jenn said, “We’re waiting on the bus, so can we have it in a to-go cup?” She obliged and brought back two tiny shot glass sized paper cups with our “coffee”. Jenn said, “I thought we asked for coffee?” A light bulb went off in my mind. “Uhhh I think I remember reading about this somewhere. Yes, yes I did. Café is a shot of espresso. We should have asked for Americano. Whoopsie. So here we are, with a shot of espresso in a to-go cup because we’re waiting for the bus that wouldn’t arrive for another hour and a half. It was funny and I’m sure we confirmed the “stupid Americans” stereotype. The bus came and we continued on up the coast to Monaco. We visited the Monte Carlo casino and hung with the rich and famous. The views from Monaco were amazing and the cars were nice to look at too.

Today we went scuba diving in Nice… it was nice. We went out this morning with another guy from the hostel who has been studying abroad for the past couple of months. People have said, “Don’t you need to be certified to scuba dive?” Apparently not. We got a 15 minute crash course on what to do/not to do and we were good to go. Our instructor didn’t speak English very well so we interpreted for each other. Don’t breathe through your nose, only your mouth. Got it. If your ears hurt, plug your nose and blow, but not too hard. Very dangerous. Don’t plug your nose when you come up, very dangerous. Spit in your mask and rub it in so your mask doesn’t fog up. Okay? Okay. We put our wetsuits on and jumped in the water. We didn’t go down too far and were in the water for about 20 minutes, so it was a great course for us beginners.

We’re headed back to Paris tomorrow morning to catch our plane back to the states. I’ve got my passport and we’re taking a cab to the airport, so we’re all set. Hope you guys enjoyed your vacation, because we sure did! We’ve decided to make this an annual thing and Austrailia is our next stop. Want to come?


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