I’m a Nomad.

It’s true. In two short weeks I’ll be a nomad… for 7 months.

Three weeks ago I was presented with an opportunity to partner with a family from my church by taking care of their youngest daughter while they and their two oldest children are trained for overseas missions by an organization called YWAM. The training is 5 months long – 3 months in Hawaii and 2 months in Asia (country TBD). I’ll be moving out of my apartment at the end of July and living with friends/family in DFW until we leave the great state of Texas on September 29th.

You may be in shock, thinking, “What? Did she say… wait, what? How did this happen?!” I’m glad I can read minds, and I would love to tell you how the plan unfolded.

The family I’m partnering with is good friends with my sister’s family. I had their oldest daughter in my preschool class at church, but hadn’t engaged in conversation with them other than, “Here’s what we learned today and here are some questions you can ask her about the story. Enjoy the rest of your day and we’ll see y’all next week!” Kristen had mentioned to me a while back that their friends were praying about training with YWAM and that the first part of the training would be in Hawaii. I said, “You tell them that if they need someone to go with them, I’m their girl!” That was the end of our conversation and I hadn’t heard anything else about it until 3 weeks ago when Kristen asked me if I would still be interested in going. I told her I was interested, but that it was definitely something I needed to pray about. I immediately began to pray for wisdom and discernment and thought through logistics.  I called the family the next day to set up a meeting that weekend. I asked friends and family to pray over our meeting, specifically that I would have clear confirmation from the Lord and that I wouldn’t have any doubt in my mind about what I needed to do.

We met on Saturday morning and I told her that I was 99% sure that I wanted to partner with them, by using the gifts that the Lord has given me and serving them in a more hands-on way. I said that I had a couple more days until I needed to tell my apartments whether or not I would be renewing my lease, and that I would let her know my final decision later that week. She said that was fine, and that she wanted to tell me how she and her husband came to my name. As I mentioned before, I didn’t know their family so I was really interested to hear more. She told me a detailed story that started 8 months ago when they began to pray that the Lord would give them the name of the person who was supposed to go with their family. Over those 8 months, the Lord slowly unveiled His master plan through a series of both difficult and joyous events, but at the end of June, it seemed as though their plan had fallen apart. Although they were unsure of what would happen next, they were confident that the Lord would bring everything together in His timing. Back at what they felt like was square one, they began to pray again that He would give them the name of the person who was supposed to go with them. He responded clearly and when they woke up the next morning, they both felt like the Lord was leading them to my name. At the end of our conversation, I had the clear confirmation that I had prayed for and said I would go.

As I drove home, I began to think about what the Lord had done in my life over the past 8 months. If you recall, it was 8 months ago that I felt like the Lord was asking me to trust in Him, and called me away from my corporate job. Soon after I left, I began nannying 2 days a week for 2-month old. Leaving the corporate world and nannying were not in my plan, but looking back, it was easy to see that the Lord was preparing me for this next chapter in my life. Some other seemingly small things had also happened, like the fact that my apartments hadn’t told me what my new rent rate was going to be when they should have, causing me to delay the renewal of another 12 month lease. Since a month-to-month lease was going to be ridiculously expensive, I decided to be a nomad for August and September, figuring that I knew too many people to end up homeless. I was already scheduled to house-sit for 4 days in August, but I had two people call to ask me to house-sit for two separate weeks in August. So not only was I given housing for 2 1/2 weeks in August, but I’ll be paid to stay there. I could go on and on, from my car insurance being paid for while I’m gone, to an internet-based job that will continue to provide me with income, but I’ll stop. For those of you who are thinking, “What a coincidence,” let me correct you by saying, “What an awesome God!” Some have said, “I’m excited for you! You’re a good person and you go to church, you deserve this!” Let me assure you that this opportunity did not come to me because I am a good person or because I go to church, and definitely not because I deserve it. I do believe, however, that God has poured His favor over me since being obedient to His calling 8 months ago. I’ve been able to experience the joy that comes from obedience, and am in awe of the many ways the Lord has blessed me.

So what’s next? We’ll be leaving on September 29th and returning to the states mid-February. I have no idea what the Lord has in store for us, but I do know it will be way better than any plan I ever had.


6 thoughts on “I’m a Nomad.

  1. Thank you for sharing this! I love hearing about what the Lord is doing in your life and can definitely connect.

    I felt the call to leave my preschool job and “get back to the basics”, taking care of our home & marriage, managing finances, etc… rather than spending an 90 minutes in the car commuting every day. I feared (well, because that’s my untrusting nature… working on it!) losing income, not being able to pay the bills. But the Lord was persistent with me and confirmed it over and over and over until I finally listened and took the leap. During the “leap” we were provided with a from-home income, a part time nanny job for me, and my husband was provided yet ANOTHER job (he already has multiple). Our story in all of this is still being written, but it is so calming knowing that we are being guided by the Creator of the Universe! Now, I just have to work on the whole “trusting God relentlessly” thing. This has definitely given me some serious practice in that! Through this, we’re being called to something greater–

    Anyway, I will pray for you in this new season of life! Good luck 🙂

    Jaci Hynes

  2. So refreshing to read about someone being led by the Lord and talking about the value of obedience. I hope you are able to write while you are overseas.

    (also jealous you got to go to St. Croix!)

  3. I am an excellent researcher! (not really. I just kept reading through your FB until I came across this post!)

    Sooooooooooooooo exciting! I’m delighted for you – and definitely hope you keep writing, so we can share in your adventures! The Lord is so good!

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