Life in Boxes.

Today was the day I’ve been working toward for the last 2 weeks. All of my extra time has been spent consolidating for this day. Today was the day I moved* my possessions out of my apartment and into a 10X10 storage unit. *I could not have done this by myself and I would like to thank Dave and Rich for being so gracious and volunteering their time and strength to accomplish this task. I owe them much more than a gift certificate, but they say that’s more than enough, so it will have to do. I picked up the U-Haul at 7:00 am and drove* it back to my apartment. *I did do this by myself. Dave and Rich were there with bells on at 7:30 am. They loaded up the truck with lots of goodies – washer, dryer, couches, mattress, box springs, and much more – and we headed to the storage unit a short time later to unload it all. After 2 1/2 hours and a gallon of sweat combined, the mission was accomplished.

It’s a weird feeling when you realize that you don’t have a home. These thoughts only lead me to a realization of how blessed I am to have friends and family who have opened up their homes to me in a time of need. I’m reminded of the church in Acts 2, doing whatever they can to make sure that their brothers and sisters in Christ have what they need. I’m grateful to be among a body of believers such as this.

Where will she be living this week? I’ll be hanging out with my sister’s family this weekend, and house-sitting next week.


3 thoughts on “Life in Boxes.

  1. Looks like a very organized packing job. Sorry it had to be in the middle of the worst heat wave in Texas history.

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