A Day in the Life.

You might be wondering what my days look like now that I’m in Hawaii. Well, you’re about to find out whether you were wondering or not.

First, let me show you a little bit of the University of the Nations campus.

This is the sign at the main entrance to the campus

The hike begins.

Rich gets his workout in by pushing Hudson and Charlee up the hill in the stroller.

This area is known as “the flags” and displays flags from most of the nations represented on campus.

Just a short walk past the flags is the Banyan Cafe, where they serve coffee and snacks. Some people come here to study, Skype, or just hang out with friends. There is also a super fun tree house in the banyan tree for the kids to play in.

Although the hike up the hill is a long one (not to mention a great workout for your glutes and calves), it’s always worth it when you get to the top and turn around.

Now that you have a better understanding of what my surroundings look like, I’ll show you some of the fun things that Charlee and I like to do during the day.

We have play dates.

Charlee and I like to start our morning off with a walk down Ali’i drive. On this particular morning, we went with my roommate Liz and the little boy she watches to a certain spot we like to sit and watch the waves crash in. Sometimes Charlee falls asleep in the stroller and I take this time to read my bible and take in the power and might of our great God. I could watch the waves crash in all day.

We swim.

We’re normally pretty sweaty when we come back from our walk and Charlee is a big fan of swimming, so you know a trip to the pool is always going to be a great idea.

We snack.

Charlee loves snacks and likes to double fist it.

We color.

We meet up with the rest of the family for lunch at noon and come back to the apartment or head over to the Ark Park on campus to play. On this day, we chose to come back to the apartment and color on the mirror with some fun markers!

We appreciate our artwork.

Charlee is a fan of her artwork and herself. She likes to kiss them both.

We wind down for nap time.

Charlee normally goes down for a nap around 2:00pm, and we like to wind down by watching an episode of Little Einsteins on YouTube.

We nap.

I normally take this time to check my e-mail, work my AdvoCare business and/or read. By the time Charlee wakes up from her nap, everyone is home from school and we play with Katie and Hudson before it’s time to head over to dinner.

I watch the sun set.

My day ends with a beautiful sunset each night.

I am a fan of days like these, and I could get use to life in Hawaii.


4 thoughts on “A Day in the Life.

  1. Looks pretty wonderful and stress free, although I am sure there is a little stress here and there with a 22 month old. What an opportunity!

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