Soaring, Flying.

A couple of weeks ago, Rich came home from class and enthusiastically said, “Hey, Heather and I know what we want to get you for Christmas!” Rich gets really excited about stuff, so naturally, I was excited too. They presented me with a couple of different options because they weren’t sure if I would think what they thought was cool, was really cool. It turns out, I did. They knew that I wanted to see the waterfalls when we went to Hilo over Thanksgiving, but because the two girls I was with had already seen them, I said I would just go another time if I could. With that in mind, Heather and Rich gifted me (and a guest) with a helicopter ride around the island to see the waterfalls and valleys, among many other amazing sites. I invited my friend, Mirjam, because she is fun and adventurous and I knew she would enjoy it. If you’re wanting to really see what Hawaii is all about, you need to take a helicopter ride. Nothing I’ve seen the whole time I’ve been here compares to the views we took in on Sunday.

We also went whale watching on Saturday. (We’re a lively bunch, I know.) It’s still early on in the season and there was no guarantee that we would see any whales. Although we did not see any whales, quite honestly, that turned out to be a blessing. Body Glove offers a voucher to come back within 14 days for another attempt if they don’t spot any whales on the first outing. We were able to see a bunch of dolphins, and the blessing came when the manager generously extended our 14-day voucher to February so that we can go again when we come back to Kona for our week of debriefing. The chances of seeing the whales in February are 90-95%, which is much higher compared to the 60% chance we had on Saturday. Hey-o!

We begin our travels to Malaysia early tomorrow morning. We’ll spend one day in South Korea and then we’ll be on our way to Kuala Lumpur for 7 weeks. I’ll update you again as soon as I get the chance. Until then, enjoy the pictures below.


6 thoughts on “Soaring, Flying.

  1. My heart smiles each time I read your posts and see your pictures. Thank you for sharing your new life! And… Merry Christmas!!!!!!

  2. So amazing! Things I love about this post:

    1) Your sunglasses
    2) The ridiculously blue water
    3) Your sweet smile (it looks just like mine). 🙂

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