Life in KL.

We arrived in Kuala Lumpur (KL) about 2 weeks ago and the time has flown by! We arrived late on the night of the 22nd and had the next couple of days to get adjusted to our jet lag and explore the area we are staying in. We visited a local orphanage, where the kids performed songs and dances for us, and we partook in our first of many Indian meals. We had a team Christmas party/gift exchange on Christmas Eve, and some of the girls on our team made the room as Christmas-y as they could with decorations and desserts. We had a lot of fun singing Christmas songs, playing games and laughing. On Christmas morning, I went over to the Caudle’s room to watch the kids open their presents. That afternoon we went to Sasi’s parents house for Christmas lunch. They were so hospitable and really made us feel welcome. They shared a lot of Indian treats, most of which were really tasty. I don’t recommend the durian. I forgot to introduce Sasi (pronounced saucy) to you. She is our main contact here in KL, is a former YWAMer and has connected us with her church and most of the ministries we’ll be serving with during our stay here. She is such a gem. Her parents live really close to a jungle, and her brother so graciously drove us over to see and feed the monkeys. It was such a cool experience and the kids loved it!

There are 23 of us here (including the 5 kids) and the team’s days have been filled with many preparation meetings for the ministries they’ll be serving with during our stay. As I mentioned, we are partnering with a local church for most of the ministries we’ll be serving with. One of the ministries is an ESL ministry for refugees here in KL. Most of the kids are older teenagers and have never been to school before. Teaching English is a really great way to connect with them and show them the love of our Father. Another ministry is serving and loving on women who have been taken in from really rough situations, physically and emotionally. This is one of the ministries that I will be able to serve in since it meets at night and Heather and Rich can be with the kids. Speaking of the kids, they’ve been great and have adjusted well. To go from running free all day to holding a hand when walking down the street has been the biggest change for them. I let them jump on the beds to get their energy out since there aren’t many places nearby that they can run around. We’ve had to use our imagination for entertainment and it’s been fun for me, too. Your imagination gets a little rusty when everything you need is right at your fingertips.

Continue to pray for the people of Malaysia. Pray for open hearts and opportunities to share the story of our Father’s great love.

I’ll leave you with some of my favorite pictures from our first week here:

Our arrival.

Hudson (still recovering from jet lag), Keira, Katie and Brynn.

Dinner at the orphanage.

Dog pile.

Hudson playing his rendition of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer while we bought some last minute gifts at the mall.

Christmas Party.

Charlee and Katie dancing.

The side of the church. You can see this from the train as you arrive at one of the main stations.

Christmas morning.

Train ride to Sasi’s parents’ home.

The kids and Dama.

Good conversation with Sasi’s Dad.

Christmas dinner (those are fried eggs, sooo good!)

Sasi’s brother, David, teaching the kids how to peel a rambutan.

David entertaining Hudson.

Teaching Brynn how to punch.

Keira swinging.

Hudson swinging.

Kids playing.

A helping hand.

Monkey land.

Momma monkey.

Monkey butt.



Mirjam and her new friend.

“For me?”

We’re buddies.

Monkey eyes.

This year’s Christmas card picture.


4 thoughts on “Life in KL.

  1. My fav pics are you, charlee and the monkey; you and the Caudles. Also, the video of Katie and Charlee dancing is so cute–I was really getting dizzy toward the end of that one.

    What a wonderful experience. Enjoy and spread God’s love.

  2. My two favorites are: Hudson singing (get that kid an audition on America’s Got Talent!); monkey butt (not really, but it gets the award for the most inappropriate picture on this post). As always, love you. miss you. hurry up february.

  3. Thanks for this great post and update! So enjoyed it. I am praying for all of you. So pleased to have specifics to pray about. Thank you for loving my family so well. Blessings, Elaine

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