Phase 1 – Day 1

Today was our first day of Videre’s business training. We have 36 participants split up into five groups. I have six women and one man in my group:

  • Rebecca cooks and sells rice in Yendi
  • Adam sells cosmetics, hair care and toiletry-type items in Yendi
  • Dela has been a beautician in Yendi for 13 years
  • Rose is a seamstress in Yendi, and she is married with two children
  • Eunice is a beautician in Yendi
  • Theresa is also a beautician in Yendi and she and Eunice are sisters
  • Sara sells baby clothes in Tamale, and she is married with two children

As the business coach for the group, my main role is to facilitate conversation among the participants by asking open-ended questions as we go through the training material. Many of the participants are unable to read or write so lecturing the entire time is not the best way to teach. The morning started off a little slow for our group. I’m sure part of it was because they didn’t know each other very well, and of course they didn’t know me either, but for whatever reason, they wouldn’t say anything after I would ask a question.  I started to get a little frustrated because I didn’t feel like I was able to phrase my questions in a way that was getting through to them. About that time, our team leader came in and was able to take over for a little bit and helped by giving me some pointers on how to best communicate with my group. Honestly, pride and insecurity rose up in me and I began to think, “Really, Brittany? You can’t even teach basic business principles to your group? You should be able to do this without help. You’re failing and are unable to fulfill your role in the group.” I had a mini meltdown during one of our breaks, declared that the thoughts in my mind were lies, and asked the Lord to help me speak in a way that they would understand, and prayed for more participation from everyone. After the break, conversation was flowing and things really turned around. Praise the Lord! Today we covered two sessions of business training using scripture, biblical examples, and real-life examples:

  • Why business is a good thing from God
  • The role of local pastors and entrepreneurs in supporting one another
  • God’s clear instructions for running our businesses
  • The components of a “kingdom business”
  • Key factors in the failure/success of businesses
  • Evaluating God’s plan for your life

Overall, the day ended better than it started, and that’s a big win.




One thought on “Phase 1 – Day 1

  1. I know that feeling of frustration and insecurity too. Hate it when that happens. It is definitely Satan talking so glad you centered and prayed and that everything worked out. There is power in the name of Jesus.

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