Phase 1 – Day 5

We woke up this morning and enjoyed bread with butter and jelly. Joel is a smart man and brought Starbucks Via packets from home so we enjoyed coffee, too, which was such a treat! We returned to the same village we visited last night and met new people and saw the faces of those we met last night. We worshipped together and Joel taught from James 1:2-8 and 1 Peter 3:8-22. We left the village and headed to Tamale to stay with the Yakubu family. Four members of our team will fly from Tamale to Accra tomorrow morning and back to the states tomorrow evening. Iris and I will stay in Tamale and travel back to Yendi on Monday to travel around to the villages of our past participants and see how their businesses are doing. We’ll be able to spend time resting this weekend, as our bodies recover from a long, great week!


Breakfast in Sakpei


Church service


Pastor Abukari and me before the team headed back to his family’s house in Tamale


Joel showing the kids in Sakpei pictures on his iPhone. They love the tall man!



3 thoughts on “Phase 1 – Day 5

  1. oh. Wow!! Lots of things I could say about this series of posts, but I’ll start with the most important:

    1) God is good! He heard your prayer on Day 1 and did exceedingly more than you could ask or imagine…for cryin’ out loud, your team won bottles of oil!!

    2) Just reading your words makes me miss you like CRAZY! You never realize the impact someone has in your life until you don’t talk to them for a few days. I am refreshed to experience the fun-loving, compassionate nature of your personality (that I so dearly miss) through these posts

    3) Noted on Day 5 post: The use of plastic chairs at the church gathering…perhaps another target audience for the mock business?! 🙂

    4) LYLAS

  2. What an awesome week! I love the huts and the church and the beauty of the area–very neat and clean and green. Enjoy your free time before Phase 2. I know you grew tremendously through this first week. You have a wonderful mind, heart, and spirit.

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